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Group tours in Georgia for Jewish tourists from Tbilisi and Batumi Airports (with discounts)

  • Duration: 9 days
  • Location: Georgia
  • Available Seat: from 30 to 40
  • Price: Price from 595€ 90 cent per 1 person. Group of 40 people - discounts
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The group can be collected by yourself or with the help of a travel agency.

Historical tours in Georgia for Judaism followers.

Tour length: 9 days/8 nights
The price for one person in case of 30visitors group – price for one person 595€ 90 cent
The price for one person in case of 35 visitors group – price for one person 558€ 74 cent
The price for one person in case of 40 visitors group – price for one person 533€ 17 cent

Historical tours in Georgia for Judaism followers, along the footprints of 26 century life of ancient Jewish community, as well as Georgian traditional hospitality and integral cultural inheritance, miraculous Hebraic handwritten Bible of X-XI centuries in Lailashi.


Day 1

arrival in the evening and meeting in Tbilisi Shota Rustaveli International Airports, transfer to Tbilisi 4 star hotel, during the transfer the group of visitors will be able to see sightseeing and illuminated streets of the capital city from the bus, accommodation of the group of visitors in star hotel 4*Betsy’s Hotel in the ancient district Mtatsminda, free time, the tourists will be able to see and take pleasure by marvelous views of illuminated city, staying in the hotel.


Day 2

breakfast in the morning and tour to Jewish Museum located in one of the ancient districts of the city Tbilisi, there you can see the copy of miraculous Hebraic handwritten Bible of X-XI centuries in Lailashi and its ancient history, the original of the Bible is preserved in Georgian Museum of Manuscripts.


We’ll see the great Synagogue in Tbilisi, built by Jews from Akhaltsikhe in 1904-1911, its interesting Hebraic library and history.



Our next visit will be in „Beit Rachel” Synagogue. It was rebuilt in 2009. Prior to the renovation, the building was known as the Ashkenazi Synagogue.


The Rabin of the synagogue was Haim Ben Yaakov Michael Kupchan.



Next tours will be in Tbilisi Historical places and sightseeing, rest at a certain time, free time and back to Tbilisi hotel in Mtatsminda.



Day 3

breakfast in the morning and tour to the market of craftworks near Dry Bridge in Tbilisi. It is the extraordinary flea market in the center of Tbilisi, perfect for lovers of old and antique things.  There is a huge assortment of antiques, jewelry, old books, maps, pins, badges, kitchenware, and other small items on sale. The visitors can see marvelous exhibition of Georgian paintings and craftworks in the open air, buy memorable souvenirs for remembering their unforgettable travelling to this wonderful country.


We’ll continue the way to Mtskheta, recognized as the holly city. We’ll visit Svetitskhoveli Cathedral which is amongst the most significant monuments of Georgian Christian architecture. In 2016 the Historical Monuments of Mtskheta were placed by UNESCO under Enhanced Protection. In the I century Jaws from Mtskheta brought the part of Holy Robe from Jerusalem to Georgia and it was considered as one of the main holiness of the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral. In the grave of the robe is buried a little Jewish girl Sidonia who upon touching the robe immediately died from the emotions engendered by the sacred object. The robe could not be removed from her grasp, so she was buried with it.



Marvelous orthodox medieval fresco and ancient well where Elijah coat is buried which was the important sacred object for Jews living in Georgia.


Next tour to Saguramo, 14km far from Mtskheta. In the ancient wine cellar of Guramishvilebi you can taste Georgian wine with Georgian traditional dishes.




After the wine tour the group of tourists will continue the way to Samtskhe Javakheti region, accommodation in Akhaltsikhe Hotel Tiflisi. Free time and stay in the hotel.


Day 4

breakfast in the morning at the hotel and visit to renewed magnificent Rabati castle, built in the 9th century. The complex is unique as its architecture represents mix of Asian and European culture. Defensive walls and towers, churches and mosque, gardens and parks, all represent its role in impressive unity of various traditions.


Next visit is in Synagogue in the complex of Rabati castle.



We continue the way to Kutaisi, one of the most beautiful and ancient Georgian cities, the land of Argonauts, situated in West Georgia on the banks of the picturesque Rioni River.  We’ll accommodate in Kutaisi 3* Hotel Bagrati 1003. After a little rest we’ll visit Kutaisi sightseeing and historical places.



According to historical sources and myths, Kutaisi is about 3500 years old. At the end of the day we’ll stay in the hotel.


Day 5

breakfast in the morning at the hotel and visiting ancient historical district of Kutaisi called as “Jewish district”. There we will visit three synagogues built in XVIII, XX centuries. All of them are located in the same street.  




Also, we will know much about their ancient history.

We’ll continue our trip to Racha, a beautiful mountainous region in West Georgia. It is situated on the southern slopes of the Great Caucasus Mountain Range. Attractive beauty of the region, slopes of the Great Caucasus, coniferous forests, gashing rivers and lovely streams together with welcoming Rachvelians make unforgettable impression on the travelers. We’ll have tours in synagogue of the City Oni.



The Oni synagogue was built in 1895 and is the oldest functioning synagogue in the republic of Georgia. It is Georgia’s third largest synagogue after the Great Synagoge of Tbilisi and the synagogue of Kutaisi

Our next tour is in Ambrolauri Winery in Racha. We’ll test four kind of marvelous Rachuli wine.



Returning to Kutaisi and stay in the hotel.

Day 6

breakfast in the morning and trip to Balneological resort Tskaltubo, where we’ll visit the wonderful Prometheus cave.


Prometheus Cave is one of the most popular international tourist caves, and includes various types of stalactites, stalagmites, curtains, petrified waterfalls, cave pearls, underground rivers, and lakes. The 1060 meter walking route through the cave was upgraded in the summer of 2012 and visitors can also enjoy a 280 meter boat tour on an underground river.


Next tour in Samegrelo, Martvili Canyons.

We continue the way to Adjara region, arrival in Batumi and accommodation of the group in 3* Hotel Batumi Mardi Plazza, free time. The visitors can enjoy themselves in the fitness clubs, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and training devices in the hotel.



Day 7

breakfast in the morning and tours to Batumi historical and sightseeing, free time and stay in the hotel.



Day 8

breakfast in the morning, visit to mountainous Adjara, we will see the beautiful 50 m. high waterfall Makhuntseti, also we will get familiar with an ancient history, visiting the medieval Tamari Oval bridge.



Next tour to Gonio fortress, well preserved Roman fortification in Ajara, on the Black sea coast. Located on the left bank of the River Chorokhi the fortress is 12 km south of Batumi and just 4 km from the border with Turkey. Also, we’ll visit the beautiful Batumi synagogue.



Returning and stay in Batumi hotel.

Day 9

breakfast in the morning, at 12:00 check out at the hotel and transfer to Batumi International Airport, departure of the group of visitors to Tel-Aviv.


The price of the abovementioned travelling program service covers: service by comfortable bus, hotel fee with breakfast in the morning, tickets of tourist places, wine testing and Georgian table in Guramishvilebi Cellar, guide service in Jewish language during the whole travelling period.

The service doesn’t include airline ticket fee.

For 30 visitors the rooms in the hotel are: 6 DBL standard rooms, 6 TWIN standard rooms and 6 Single rooms.

For 35 visitors the rooms in the hotel are: 8 DBL standard rooms, 8 TWIN standard rooms and 3 single rooms.

For 40 visitors the rooms in the hotel are: 11 DBL standard rooms, 8 TWIN standard rooms, 2 single rooms.

P.S. In case of a request of special food from the Jewish visitors, our travel agency can offer a special food product for visitors with permission of a rabbi  (special food isn’t included in the service fee).

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