Amazing Facts about Georgia

Amazing Facts about Georgia

Georgia — a country of high mountains and gentle sea, proud and hospitable Georgians, as well as myths and legends. Of course, there is a beautiful legend about the origin of Georgia. They say that when God was handing out land to the people, the Georgians staged a feast to mark the creation of the world. When the toast and wine ran out, they still come to God. But, as it turned out, too late. And then the Georgians said, «Sorry, dear, we drank to your health!» God surprised such immediacy and gave the Georgians the ground, laid up for themselves. He said, «Remember that there is no land more beautiful than this. At all times, people will admire her!»
Everything happened exactly as God said. For many centuries, Georgia wins hearts with its beauty.


In Georgia, there are endless possibilities for tourism. Here, at the same time you can enjoy the summer sun on the beaches of Batumi and frostbitten glaciers of Kazbek, go down into the cave and wander through the alpine meadows, do winemaking, taste delicious national dishes. And learn interesting and surprising facts about Georgia.
For example, such:

    • Sighnaghi Castle – Its wall is on the first place by its area in the Europe and on the second place after The Chinese Wall in the World.
    • Ushguli – the highest village In Europe.
    • The oldest Gold Mine is discovered in Georgia (Sakrdisi)
    • The first Eurasians were found In Dmanisi.
    • Scratched and figured rocks are found in Trialeti, that are dated from Iron Age.
    • Georgia – Winery Country.
    • The Land of Stalin (Gori).
    • There is the Cemeteries of The Apostles Matata and Simon Kananeli in Georgia.
    • Georgian writing is the oldest in The World and is one from the 14 writings.
    • The deepest cave is in Georgia in The World (Kruberi Cave, Aphkhazeti, the depth is 2190 meters).
    • Chakrulo – Georgian Song in the Space.
    • According to the multistoried buildings, Tsutskhvati Cave is the on the first place, that consists 11-12 stories. The Cave locates in Tkibuli.
    • The firs kids railway was in Georgia, (Mushtaidi Square, 1935)
    • During drilling the borehole thermal water was ranged. This thermal water is considered To be the hottest in the world. It is located in the Region of Ochamchire, Kindgha village. The temperature of the water is 104°C. The water originates from the depth 3 580 meter of the land. The same temperature has the thermal water in Phonichala (1030C). The water was also found during the drilling of the borehole, in 1966. The water originates from the depth 3600 meters of the land. The temperature of the thermal water in Tsaishi is 81°C.
    • The oldest honey was discovered in Georgia (Borjomi Region). The archeologists found two potteries with the human remains in the mounds. There were plants in the potteries. After the long term researches, it was confirmed, that plant dusts were the oldest honey remains in reality. Georgian Archeologists think that Georgian honey is older for two thousands year that Egyptian honey. Till that day, it was considered, that the oldest honey was found in the grave of Tutankhamon. According to the researches, the Georgian honey dates 5500 years, while Egyptian dates just 3500 years. According to the scientists the human remains, that were found in the grave, was the first be-master woman. There was found different species of honey in the grave. It gives the terms that Georgia was declared as The Land of Honey.

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