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Group three-day Jeep tour to Tusheti (discount)

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Location: Georgia
  • Available Seat: from 4
  • Price: Price 185 € per 1 person
Booking tour

The group can be collected by yourself or with the help of a travel agency.

Jeep tour in Tusheti on the highest auto pass «Torgkhva Bath». Visit Botson — the highest village (2350-2400 meters above sea level). We will taste the local khinkali and khachapuri.

Kakheti. Tusheti region.
Tour length: 3 days.
The cost per person — 185 €
In one group must be not more than 5 persons.

Day 1

Departure – Tbilisi – Kakheti. Through the journey we have chance to see the river “Story” with its amazing valley, as well as the highest machinery pass “Torghva Bath” (2970 meters from the sea) that makes us to get to Tusheti. “Torghva Bath” has the picturesque views of Tusheti and Kakheti Region. Through the journey we meet the marvels of nature, such as waterfalls, avalanches, beauty of peaks of Caucasus Mountains that is called Georgia-Russia air filtrates by the scientists. You have chance to see village Qvemo Omalo, that is popular with its modern information center of protected territories, that is equipped with all modern technology and utilities. After visiting the museum we will move to the village Shenako.
Accommodation: Guesthouse “Old Tusheti”, its interior is likely of the traditional houses of Tusheti.
Dear Tourists, The distance of Shenako village from Tbilisi is 200 km and needs 6 hours. After the dinner we will have opportunity to see ruins of Ageurta village with its natural cultural places and unforgettable sights. After leaving Argueta we will have chance to see the last villages Diklo and Old Diklo at the border of Russian and Georgian Federations. At the end of the day we will have delicious dinner at the hotel “Old Tusheti”.

Jeep tour

Day 2

Breakfast. Departure to Kvemo Omalo and see castle “Keseli” and ethnography museum. Travel to the villages of “Pirikita” valley and amazing village Dartli that is announced as the architectural museum of Tusheti. Ancient village Kvavli is waiting us with it’s the highest 5 storied tower. There is “White Castle” in the village Farma where King Erekle sent ambassadors to Russia and was waiting their answers. At the end of the day we will visit the last village Girvi.

Jeep tour

Day 3

Breakfast. The journey to Gamotsery valley villages Botsona and Dotsu. BotSona is the highest village and locates at the 2350-2400 meters from the sea. Village Dotsu is popular with its ancient 3 storied castles, Church “Ilrtla” built 17th century. Depature from Tusheti to Tbilisi.

Jeep tour

The tour cost includes:
• meal
• transportation
• hotel
• experienced guide service
• testing Tush khinkali and Kotori (khachapuri).

The tour cost doesn’t include:
• Air tickets

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