Irakli Sakhamberidze


Irakli Sakhamberidze

General Director and founder of Ltd Travel Agency “Travel in European Georgia”

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+995 591 408 495, +995 571 824 303, +995 431 250 437


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I am a Director general and founder of Ltd Travel Agency “Travel in European Georgia”. Company’s identification code 412733564, my ID number 60002012796. I was born on February 3, 1971, in Kutaisi, Georgia. I have a nine-year experience of working in tourist market. Activity of my travel agency is incoming tour operator of foreigner visitors as well as outgoing tour operator of visitors abroad. We have superb all kind of travel programs in Georgia, reserve hotels for foreign visitors and do transfers. My hobby is travelling, nature and architecture of ancient buildings. I can immensely work with the foreign visitors in Georgia during the fulfillment of travel programs.

You can order an excursion by phone:

Tel. +995 431 250 437
Mob. +995 591 408 495
Mob. +995 571 824 303


skype: irakli.get

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