Resorts of Georgia

Resorts of Georgia

Georgia — a country in which you feel like at the resort. It is nice to rest and restore the health of the whole year. Georgian winters are mild and not too cold and summers are hot and moderately wet. At the same time you can visit all the four seasons: summer sun waiting for you on the shores of the warm Black Sea, spring flowers, and animating after winter trees — in the foothills, climbing in the mountains, you find yourself in the autumn with its cold winds, rain and sleet, and tops of the mountains to see the deep snow and glaciers.


Lovers of winter recreation Georgia offers both well known and popular ski resorts, and has recently opened.
For families with children and for those who are just learning to ski and snowboard more suitable for popular winter resort of Bakuriani. On the gentle slopes can improve their skills with professional instructors or go with the children on a sled.


Lovers of freeride and heli-skiing (descent on untouched snow slopes with a show in a helicopter before descent), paragliding (paragliding) and speedriding (freeride ski with a wing above the head), and simply come to the high slopes of Gudauri.

New resorts in Svaneti — Hatsvali and Tetnuldi — will please everyone. The steep and long slopes, modern lifts are designed for experienced skiers. On a more gentle slopes ride young athletes. Resting after skiing, we can consider the Svan tower and go on an excursion to the nearby town of Mestia.


In Adjara region, which is famous for its summer sea holiday, winter resort opened Goderdzi. Now, on the coast, you can not just take a dip in the sea and sunbathing, but also skiing.

Georgia is also known for its mineral springs. Mineral water Borjomi and Georgian wine used in the spa procedures, water from the hot springs used to recuperate in the sulfur baths of Tbilisi.


Water Tskhaltubo spa resort called the water of immortality. Its structure is so unique that there are no analogues. Scientists have determined the age of Tskhaltubo water: about 100-150 years. Tskaltubo is famous not only mineral water. In its vicinity is a nature reserve Sataplia, where you can see dinosaur footprints and walk along the forest of Colchis, and the cave of Prometheus, in which you can swim on the underground river.


Another spa resort Sairme is not only famous thermal and mineral springs, but also the surrounding forests. It is said that sometime in the winter months to the Sairme mineral sources from the forests down deer and wild goats. Therefore, the place where the resort, and called Sairme — a place where there are deer.


And you will spend an unforgettable summer in the seaside resorts of Georgia.
Each resort town has its own peculiarities. In Batumi offers endless beaches, Batumi Botanical Garden, walk through beautiful waterfront, as well as an active nightlife with disco till the morning, clubs and cafes.


Kobuleti — a shingle beach, pine forests, clean air and crystal sea. About Kobuleti on the slopes of the Meskheti Range National Conservation Area is located Kintrishi. On its territory flows the river of the same name, and many small rivers form waterfalls, some of them up to 70 meters high. Across the river you can go to several ancient bridges. The reserve is a lot of ancient and endangered plants. And one of the alpine lakes has the shape of the heart.


To soak up the sun on the beach with magnetic sand, go to Ureki. The combination of mountain air of the resort, which is filled with the smell of pine, sea breeze and warm sun warmed with magnetic sand Ureki makes a unique place in the world.